in my eras era

Eras Tour Poster – Melbourne 26th February – Digital

Once upon a fearless night in a Love Story, our Red-lipped protagonist, enchanted by the wildest Dreams, found herself standing on the delicate tightrope of All Too Well. Sparks Fly as she navigates the treacherous corridors of a haunted White Horse, where she battles the ghosts of past romances, clinging to the threads of a starry-eyed Innocent. The echoes of teardrops on her guitar resonate in the haunted corridors of Wonderland, where she questions if she should shake off the teardrops on her guitar or let them linger. Blank Space is filled with echoes of the Enchanted moments, yet she faces the delicate task of choosing between the State of Grace and the cold, Hard Feelings. As she faces the echoes of Love Story, she realises that in this delicate dance with the universe, she is both the Speak Now heroine and the Last Kiss recipient, forever caught in the ebb and flow of the Red emotions that paint the canvas of her life.

Eras Tour Poster
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